Growing up dancing at Alyce Carella made me into the young adult I am proud to be today. The studio became my second home and my dance family and I am still incredibly close. As I continue to dance through college, I value the exceptional training I received at Alyce Carella Dance Centre and the confidence I gained as a dancer and a young woman!

Melanie Holmes

Alyce Carella Dance Centre is one of the premiere dance studios in Connecticut. With unparalleled teachers and so many different types of dance classes, students will get a complete dance education. With many years of experience, Alyce Carella leads the studio with her best foot forward to give children the best education she can. All dance teachers at the studio are masters in their craft and care deeply about the wellbeing of their students as well as their dance education. When you come to Alyce Carella Dance Studio you not only get a great dance education but you gain a second family and a home you can always come back to.

Kelsey Marino

I have been a dancer for more than 50 yrs and was lucky enough to study with The Alyce Carella Dance Studio for many of those years. Their love and dedication of dance is contagious and the talented and creative staff is beyond belief. Every child should be lucky enough to say they studied dance at The Alyce Carella Dance Studio!

Marci Brody West Hartford CT

Alyce Carella Dance Centre not only allowed me to grow as a dancer since the age of two, but as a person. I became a part of a family there. Miss Alyce and Miss Laura are two lifelong friends that have taught me how to dance and so much more. As I continue my dance career in college, Alyce Carella is always a home I can return to.


Many many fond memories of my childhood years dancing days at Alyce Carella. I danced 12 years with the studio and if we have a daughter one day, we will be sure to enroll her! A place to dance your heart out with a welcoming family atmosphere, while fostering confidence, growth, and nurturing talent!

Christine K.West Hartford CT

Alyce Carella Dance Centre will forever hold a special place in my heart. There was a point in my life where I know I spent more time there than I did at home! I built lifelong friendships within the mirrors of that studio, ones that have taught me how to be a better person and dancer all around. My dance teachers and peers became like family to me, and for that I am forever bonded with the studio. Performing on stage was always where I felt most complete, and every May I got to showcase my hard work beside my best friends, for Alyce Carella's annual dance recital. Now that I've graduated, I still look forward to recital weekend each year, anxiously waiting to watch those dancers shine. I've been lucky enough to continue dancing throughout my college career, on a nationally ranked D1 Dance Team, and I know I wouldn't have been so successful without the training, competitive experiences and lessons I learned at ACDC. I fall in love with dance more and more each year, and will forever recognize ACDC for strengthening my passion.

Kayla Maruca

I have known Miss Alyce and Miss Laura for most of my life. Miss Laura was more my colleague, but Miss Alyce was my dance teacher. She put everyone else, students, friends, etc. before herself. I always admired Miss Alyce and her unique style of dancing as I was growing up. Her dancing school was like my 2nd home. I always felt safe, comfortable, and excited to be there. Miss Alyce had given me the opportunity to love dance, and because of that, she is the one who made me the tapper I am today, and I thank her for every minute of it. She was always patient, caring, funny, but always meant business, and wanted me to become the best I could be!It is because of Miss Alyce that I chose to became a dance teacher myself! To this day, I thank her for inspiring me with my love of dance and showing me the correct way in how to teach my own classes! She is the perfect example! God Bless her! Dancingly,

Miss Lynn Agnew

Alyce Carella Dance Centre is an amazing dance studio! They offer a variety of dance styles, they have talented instructors and being there you really feel like you are part of a family. I first started going to Alyce Carella Dance Centre for hip hop dance back in high school. All of the students in my dance class were friendly and supportive and my teacher was an incredible dancer and really cared about her students which I loved! As a result of my hip hop training at Alyce Carella, I was able to audition and got selected for various dance companies and teams in college and I landed various professional gigs. When I returned to Connecticut after college, it just so happened that a hip hop instructor position opened up and I was able to teach at the studio. Being apart of Alyce Carella as a teacher was a different experience than as a student but the things I loved about the studio were the same. I was able to get to know the instructors better and realized all of their amazing credentials that I didn't always pay attention to when I was a kid and as a teacher I was able to watch the students and see how hardworking and focused they were. Miss Alyce has done an amazing job creating a dance studio environment and community that is filled with talented, fun, and encouraging dancers. I had to move away about a year ago but I always think about and miss the many great times I had at the studio and I'm grateful for the skills that I learned as a dancer and teacher at Alyce Carella Dance Centre!

Niclole Charles-Pierre

My daughter Grace has been dancing at Alyce Carella Dance Centre of for ten years. She began as a vivacious two year old toddler and has evolved into a poised and confident young girl and I believe much of her self-assurance is a result of her time at Alyce Carella Dance Centre. While a good dance school provides a child with a professional environment and qualified teachers to build a foundation in dance, and without a doubt, Alyce Carella certainly delivers, however it is only the few truly unique and exceptional dance schools that go beyond and provide children with a community to grow not only as dancers but as people. We have found this very community at Alyce Carella Dance Centre. Their level of commitment for each child extends to include a top-quality curriculum of preeminent technical and artistic skills needed to develop as a dancer and teachers whom cultivate and encourage children to use dance as personal expression on the dance floor and throughout their lives. The time, effort and dedication of Alyce, Laura and all the teachers and staff at Alyce Carella Dance Centre set it apart from any other dance school. I consider myself truly fortunate to have found Alyce Carella Dance Centre.

Marcie Moreau

I spent at least 15 years taking lessons at Alyce Carella Dance Centre. I have so many great memories of creative, entertaining dances and super fun dance recitals! Over those years I became a strong dancer, a fit athlete, and I loved the performances, but it is from my experience in class that I learned much more. I developed confidence, discipline, and dedication to take on life's challenges. Under the powerful instruction of Miss Alyce and Miss Laura I would escape into the deep concentration and demand of dance. I was taught to practice and master techniques, to never give up and to not ever say "I can't"....what seemed impossible was only "not yet" possible. These are skills that are necessary for survival not only in a dance studio but in all aspects of life: strength in social interactions, completing college, developing a hard-work ethic, independent living, independent travel, and raising a family...I continue to use that discipline. The kind of learning that happened in those years had life value that few can understand, especially those who do not respect dance as a difficult sport. I am grateful for my years as a student at Alyce Carella Dance Centre, I have fond memories of good times, maddening challenges, and fantastic dances. I can also still bust a fun dance move when necessary! When you go to the recital, you will be swept away into the love and energy they've created at this school and hopefully you'll see the hours dedicated work it took to be that awesome!

Kim Signor

My daughter started dancing at the age of 3 (she will be 18 in a few weeks) at The Alyce Carella Dance Studio. It has been such an awesome experience for her to be part of a dedicated and talented group of teachers. As many families, we had a few life changing events, first the loss of my husband (Vanessa's dad) to a tragic accident at work, then to cancer which I had been diagnosed 2 years ago. Alyce Carella Dance Studio has been a home away from home to Vanessa. The day I spoke to Ms. Alyce, I mentioned that I was not going to be working during my illness/treatment and with much regret, Vanessa would be taking some time off from the studio. Ms Alyce being the angel that she is responded; Vanessa is going to be experiencing a difficult time with you being sick. It is not fair to her not to do something that she enjoys as much as dancing. Not only is she a great dancer but she is one of my babies. Ms Alyce then told me that she would give her a scholarship that allowed Vanessa to take the classes she was taking previous years, they were 5 classes. What a blessing! It doesn't end there, towards the end of the year an anonymous person called and wanted to make a contribution by paying for some costumes. Ms. Laura called me and told me that this person would be paying for all of Vanessa's costumes. What an amazing place to have my daughter spend most of her life in!! I will forever be grateful to Ms. Alyce for being there when we needed her the most! Thanks to Ms. Alyce, Ms. Laura and the other teachers who were involved in Vanessa’s life, she will now be entering college in the fall and will be majoring in DANCE!

Shirley Salono

My daughter Mollie has been dancing at Alyce Carella for the past 8 years, ever since she attended a class with the Brownies and begged me to sign up. She has done hip hop, jazz, and lyrical and for the most part, has been trained by the wonderful Miss Laura. My daughter is now a “dancer”, and I credit this in large part to the training and nurturing that she has had at this school. She has received excellent training, corrections, and encouragement. She has learned that dancing is hard work, and that nothing worth doing is worth doing at less than 100%. Besides the dance aspect, the centre has such a warm environment. The love for what she does shows in every encounter one has with Miss Alyce. She has such great pride, and rightly so, for her students, many of whom have been with her from preschool right through to high school graduation. A word about Miss Laura- a good teacher inspires, and does not coddle. A good teacher demands the best from her students, and does not settle for less. A good teacher may be tough, yet always caring. Thank you, Miss Laura.

Donna Schwartz and Mollie Petrizzo

"Alyce Carella Dance Centre has been part of some of my BEST childhood memories. As a shy kid, 14 years of tap dancing helped me overcome stage fright, hold a high respect for the arts and learn a rare talent. My parents and sister were also part of the dancing family! I hope to return to pass along my family memories down to my future children."

Courtney Zieller WFSB Channel 3 News Reporter Wethersfield, CT

After my first jazz class at Alyce Carella as a child I was hooked on dance! Over the years I was fortunate to be part of "jazz company" and had the opportunity to assist teaching classes. Thanks to Alyce Carella I made life long friends from the studio. My dance background gave me the poise and confidence to succeed in my career and in my life. And my most poignant memory...dancing mother daughter tap. It's is one of the last memories I have of my mom. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

Lori Bordonaro WNBC TV Reporter New York, NY

I have had the honor to be considered an Alyce Carella Dancer and Alumni. Not only did she become my teacher, she was also a mentor and friend. I started out as a Student, and was humbled to have been asked to teach for her. She taught me so much about dancing, the art of teaching dance, and encouraged me to pursue my passion for dance outside a classroom. I was a student for over ten years and have come back every now and then to take class, and the feeling of walking into that room has never changed. She has attended shows I’ve choreographed, and a performer and fund raising events I was part of. Always being a wonderful supporter. She was always willing to lend an ear, give advice and help you with your Dance path, and even your path in life. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities and the education I gained under her. The dance education I received enabled me to become a Dancer Teacher in my own right, helped me as a performer and gave me confidence to believe in myself. Alyce Carellla is a legend – she will live on through her students, her daughter and grand children, but to me she will be my Dance Teacher and mentor – the one who saw more in me that I did Thank you Miss Alyce for all that you gave to me!

Michael Morgan

Our daughters have danced at Alyce Carella Dance Centre for eight years. As someone who danced as a child and through college, it was important to me that my children learn to dance with outstanding instructors who understood technique, but who also made dance fun. Alyce Carella Dance Centre is such a studio. Starting at young ages, the girls learned tap and ballet, and soon graduated to different styles, all while building upon the important techniques that they have learned. Over the years, not only have they become terrific dancers, their experiences performing in recitals have challenged them to give 110% effort and they have gained the confidence to perform in front of large audiences. Today, our whole family dances by participating in mother/daughter hip-hop and father/daughter tap. We love sharing these amazing experiences with our daughters and sharing in their passion for dance. As a family, we could not have asked for a better dance studio.

Gayle Wintjen and Steven Madonick West Hartford

I started ballet at the age of 3 and now I am 18 yrs. Old. I’ve learned and accomplished much in 15 yrs. at Alyce Carella Dance centre. Studying ballet and pointe in those yrs., I have performed numerous pointe solo’s which have made me become a more confident and self assured dancer. I will miss dancing at the studio and all the people I have been with through the years. This June I will be graduating from William Hall High school and I will be moving on to college attending the University Of Hartford. There I will major in psychology and minor in dance at the Hart school continuing on with ballet and pointe. Thank you to Ms. Alyce and Mrs. Tanya for teaching me and having a passion of mine become such a huge part of my life. I’m forever grateful.

Elisa Schuder

My daughter Cecilia has been dancing at the Alyce Carella Dance Studio since she was 3 years old. She is now 11. She started with Tap with Miss Laura and then added Ballet. This past year, she took 4 dance classes plus Mother/Daughter Hip Hop. Over the past 8 years, I have watched her become fantastic dancer who carries herself with poise and grace.

I knew she had a passion for dance but it really became evident to me how strong her passion was this Spring. She had her appendix removed in April a few weeks before the Dance Recitai in May. Her first question for the doctor both before and after her surgery was ‘how long before I am able to dance?’

The second thing that really highlighted her love of dance was a poem that she had to write for 5th grade graduation. In the poem she basically said that I may not have thought she noticed that I drove her to all of her dance classes but that she did and it taught her that I supported her doing what she loved.

When I watched her doing her Tap Routine for the recital this Spring, I realized that she has become a fantastic dancer and it brought tears to my eyes.. Thank you Miss Laura for teaching my daughter to dance and for nurturing her love and passion for dance.

Sandra Davis

Ever since I was a little girl I have known about Alyce Carella Dance Center. I went to a few recitals and was so excited to watch my cousin’s dance. I never took dance as a young girl, however I always wanted to. When the chance came as an adult and I knew it was time to introduce my daughters to dance, I knew exactly where I wanted to take them “Alyce Carella:. I took my first dance class Mother Daughter Hip Hop, with my girls only a few years ago. I have to say I love every moment of the class! My daughters Kelly and Ashley have been taking dance at Alyce Carella Dance Center since they both were three years old. My girls are now 10 and 7 years old. Kelly started as a three year old in Creative. Today she now takes 6 classes a week. My youngest Ashley started with tap and has never looked back either. She takes three classes a week and this past year she started to take mother daughter hip hop and father daughter tap with her Dad and sister. What we love about Alyce Carella is the ability to try all different kinds of dance. After Kelly’s first year of dance I talked to Ms. Alyce and about what class Kelly should take as a 4 year old (ballet or tap) and to my surprise Ms. Alyce said that Kelly is very busy and she would be great at tap. She has not looked back since. Every year Kelly and Ashley grow more and more into two wonderful dancers. Whether you are looking to have fun or you are a serious dancer who is looking to excel, Alyce Carella Dance Center has a place for you. The opportunities are endless.

My girls have made some amazing memories and lifelong friends. The studio is really their second home. We love what all of their teachers have to offer. The teachers have amazing patience, understanding, love for dance and the confidence they teach to the children and adults that take classes from them. Dance will always be a big part of our family. Thank you Ms. Alyce, Ms. Laura, Ms. Tanya, Ms. Ashley and all the other amazing dance teachers that have helped us all learn to dance!

Kim Guberman

I started dancing with Miss Alyce at the age of 2 1/2. As I got older I took more and more classes of all styles, she even helped me with my voice, so one recital I actually sang. As time went on I went to dance school just about everyday. Miss Alyce was my role model for sure. I wouldn't change a thing about learning to dance with Miss Alyce. I loved dancing so much that my dream was to perform, so off I went to N.Y.C. after high school and perused 12 years of a dance career. Later on when I came back to Ct. I opened my own dance school for a very successful 15 yrs. in Saybrook Ct..Miss Alyce has brought out the best in many young striving dancers. My dance friends growing up at the studio are dance teachers today and still my best friends. We share the love and joy of dance together. An amazing dance school !!!!!

Gena Rose