Classes Offered


BALLET is the most important foundation for dance as it teaches and demands correct body placement (posture) technique, discipline and is the basis for all graceful movement. All other forms of dance relate to the ballet. However, serious study of ballet is not advised until the child is approximately seven years old. Creative movement is offered for the pre-school child and pre-ballet an introduction to the study with classical music for the 5-6 year old.

POINTE is essential for the serious ballerina. The dancer must be 12 years of age, with disciplined experience in ballet from 4 to 5 years of study. Pointe may only be taken at the discretion of the teacher.

JAZZ warm-up, stretch and strengthen those muscles. All styles of jazz, from Broadway to rock along with techniques for turns and jumps. Beginners through advanced (ages 7 - adult)

LYRICAL entails the two techniques of ballet and jazz. These techniques through dance tell a beautiful story extending from the heart and soul. Beginner through Advanced, ages 7 and up .

TAP The technique of tap is a wonderful way to learn a sense of rhythm and coordination. Technique and combinations you thought were impossible become second nature. Beginner through advanced, ages 3 to 93.

Hip Hop will definitely keep you in shape along with learning the newest upbeat moves. This class consists of a complete warm-up, then watch out - here come those moves! You will keep the beat with the newest artists. Ages 6 through adults. All levels welcome.

CONTEMPORARY consists of ballet, jazz and modern. Movements that bring you to the floor, high’s and low’s, ridged and fluid movements.

TERRIFIC TWO'S a class designed for the curious 2 year old. Exploring dance through creative movement and song, mom or dad participates, 1/2 hour class, 8-week courses.

PRE-SCHOOL Programs Develop coordination, confidence, social skills and music appreciation. Help to gain a healthy positive self-image.

TUTU CUTE 3 & 4 yr. olds Creative Movement

PRE-SCHOOL COMBO Tap and creative - The first half of the class involves instructions in creative movement in which the student has the opportunity to explore and develop the basic skills related to hopping, jumping skipping, galloping, and making turns. The students, working as a group, are introduced to circle, diagonal and straight line patterns at different levels. The use of rhythm sticks tambourines and scarves assists in developing a sense of timing and creativity.

PRINCESS BALLET 5 & 6 yr. olds - An introduction to the study of ballet with terminology and classical music.

ELEMENTARY THRU HIGH SCHOOL graded classes in tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop.

ADULT CLASSES in tap, hip-hop, jazz, mother/daughter hip-hop, father/daughter tap and mother/daughter tap. Recreational classes for exercise and enjoyment as well as dance for the aspiring student or professional dancer.

FLAMENCO For late teens and adults. Enjoy Spains most passionate dance form in a fun and nurturing environment!

Description: Students will be introduced to the basics of footwork(zapateado), arm (braceo) and castanet techniques and have the opportunity to learn authentic spanish dances (flamenco emphasis) while exploring spain's rich history and culture through music films costume , fiesta!

Age: 13- Adult

No prior training required

Ladies wear: long skirt & Character shoes

Men's wear: Tee Shirt, Jazz pants & Character/Jazz shoes