List of News paper/Media Mentions

Wethersfield LIFE News- Oct 98 The Dancing Dads is a group of men who took up dance at the Alyce Carella Dance Centre to share that interest with their daughters. They discovered that they liked the activity more than they expected and now they have become so accomplished in their own skills that they have been invited to perform at Walt Disney World.

West Hartford News- Nov 22nd 2012- Romance in the Air When Andy Berardinelli stopped by Kimmy Nail Salon in West Hartford last week, he was planning a big surprise for his girlfriend, Sarah Keegan. After explaining he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal and ring while Keegan enjoyed a pedicure with her mom, some of the ladies at the salon decided to kick it up a notch. Laura Rugar, a dance instructor from Alyce Carella Dance Center of West Hartford pitched in. Rugar organized a< flash dance mob > with 12 dancers to help make the event more memorable for the young couple. The dancers donned in mesh veils and white T shirts while performing a fun dance routine to the tune of Going to the Chapel of Love.

West Hartford News Sep 09- Alyce Carella Celebrates 50 years in the Dance Business. Dance Diva Alyce Carella celebrates 50 years and looks back at an incredible career. People know and remember her as their, teacher but they may not know the fun history of the young Alyce Carella. Mrs. Carella said, "There never was a day in my life that I didn't have job dancing or teaching. I had more nerve than I thought I did”. She may be officially celebrating 50 years in the dance business but Alyce Carella believes it’s probably been more than that.

West Hartford News Jan 1997- Miss Alyce at the Tap Room Miss Alyce's idea for the last 35 years - that each child gifted or not can find a sense of satisfaction and self-expression on the well marred oak floor. A friend of the dance teacher describes her this way: "charismatic" - with the distinct ability to make people feel good about themselves. In the faces of little girls today you can see the possibilities, and you can see a world open to them a much different world than when Alyce Carella was growing up. In the years after World War II there was opportunity aplenty for men. But it was not unusual for a little girl to think that the world was not quite as wide and inviting period .In the two - "dribbles and pass era" when perspiration was considered un ladylike, any sensible father would want for his daughter a normal path to success; that is “dear it’s always good to know shorthand.” Of her teacher, she recalls, “She was such a beautiful person enthusiastic and energetic. I wanted to be just like her.”

West Hartford News April '97- The Class of 97 Alyce Carella along with 14 other Connecticut bloomers awarded by the first Lady of Connecticut- Patricia L. Rowland

Cambridge Who's Who Publishing 2010- Alyce Carella is the owner and artistic director of the Alyce Carella Dance Center, a dance school that in 2009 celebrated its 50th year in business .A veteran dancer, she has performed in the 500 club in Atlantic City and alongside, Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole and Liberace. In addition to these experiences, she trained as a Rockette and as a dancer, with the Ringling bros and Barnum and Baily Circus and was asked to perform at the Copacabana. Ms. Carella believes that she will continue teaching until she cannot anymore. Ms Carella studied at June Taylor's School of dance and under various master dance teachers in New York City. She is a member of Dance Teachers club of Connecticut.

In her spare time Ms Carella enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, travelling and visiting museums.